Cognitive Behavioral Model Vs Social Learning Model

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HMS 105 Exam 9 question 1
Discuss differences and similarities between the social learning model and the cognitive-behavioral model.

Recovery is not an easy process. A person is detoxing from the physical dependence of their substance of choice. Recovery doesn’t end after detox is complete. Recovery begins after they have been released from the stupor of drug addiction. They have to begin to learn to function without the drug they used to cope of find pleasure from positive sources.
People have used substances throughout history. Drug use and abuse can be caused for a variety of reasons. It’s been intertwined in our “rituals, religions and social functions throughout history” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 4). When a drug …show more content…

52). Psychoactive substances have “allowed humans to cope with internal and external stressors” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 58). Drugs have bene used for “pain relief, pleasure, insight, escape, relaxation, stimulation and ecstasy” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 58).
Addictive life styles and there link to drug Addiction Some substance abusers life is “dominated by drug related activates” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 113). The entire day is spent in the pursuit of their next fix” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 113). A person who uses drugs; “will immerse themselves in talking about drug and other people who use” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 113). When a person has no regard for personal harm to gain drugs they are completely out of control. There only purpose in life completely revolves around their drug use and they’ll do anything to get it.
Pleasure without drugs post recovery As a family of an addict “creates a dysfunctional homeostasis so does an addict” Stevens & Smith, pg. 283). A question posed concerning a possible oversight of recovery therapy. It was regarding a correlation between joylessness and recovery” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 283). It’s well known that people turn to drugs for their ability to provide a relief from stress, bring about euphoria and as a coping technique” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 283). How can this happen when their source of joy is a

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