College Essay On Puppy Mills

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Has it ever crossed your mind where pet stores supply their adorable, irresistible-looking puppies from? They may look cute, most don’t exactly come from the nicest places. Most store displayed puppies come from a mass production, being bred in inhumane conditions. These companies are known as puppy mills. It has been proven that puppy mills supply almost 100% of all pet store animals. Not only are puppy mills harming puppies, these illegal companies can leave behind dire consequences. Such include financial obstacles for the government, overpopulation of dogs, and many others.
Puppy mills originated in the post-World War II era. It started with a growing demand for puppies. This eventually resulted in midwestern farmers developing the first commercial puppy business. These cooperations then started distributing their puppies to other branches of pet departments. Many of these puppy mills were in horrendous conditions which led to further investigating by many organizations. There have been official acts and laws passed to prevent these illegal productions. However, most puppy mills function in rural, open spaced areas. Because of these conditions, it gives the dealers an advantage to slip past the law. …show more content…

By using the database, Novel New York, I’ve discovered a peer-reviewed source that thoroughly describes and explains the conditions inside a puppy mill. The article starts off by giving a little bit of background information then, digs deeper into the attempted legal action taken against puppy mills. It also gives us an insight of what actually happens inside these puppy operations, and what conditions their animals are living in. One of the important components of this source is that it points out why the audience should care and what it has anything to do with

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