Compare And Contrast Ronald Reagan And Bill Clinton Essay

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Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan were two of the most influential and controversial

presidents to ever lead The United States of America in its toughest times. The aim of this paper

is to go over both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton’s presidential careers and decide who the

better president was. To make the argument fair, this paper shall individually go over Bill

Clinton and Ronald Reagan’s presidential terms, life before the presidency, etc… and compare

them. Which president benefitted America and its economy more? It is Ronald Reagan or Bill

Clinton, keep on reading to find out.

First, we shall start with Ronald Reagan. Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Tampico,

Illinois on February 6, 1911. Reagan was born John and Nellie Reagan. When …show more content…

Two years later, in his first

race for public office, Reagan won by almost one million votes, thus becoming the governor of
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California. Reagan was re-elected to a second term as governor in 1970. Despite his success as a

governor, Ronald Reagan was much less successful as a presidential candidate. He made two

unsuccessful presidential campaigns in 1968 and 1976. But finally, Reagan has finally found

success in 1980 by becoming the 40th president of the United States at the age of 69.

If you were to look at Reagan’s terms as president, he has had quite the accomplishments.

Probably his biggest achievement was ending the Cold War. The Cold War was going on for

years and years, and Reagan was the one to finally end it. Reagan also started a war on crime

where he tried to battle drugs, but the success of that is up for debate. With all these

accomplishments, Reagan’s career is not all sunshine and butterflies. There is a very dark side to

his presidential reign.

The dark side of Reagan’s career begins with the Iran-Contra. In a nutshell, the Iran-

Contra is when the US secretly sold weapons to Iran. The money that was gained from

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