Compare And Contrast Nike And Under Armour

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Many people feel that the American society is too competitive. They claim the competition leads to hatred. Others feel that competition brings everyone together. Competition is excellent for American citizens because it leads to better products, it separates the willing from the weak, and it inspires people to do their best. Competition always leads to better products. Let us look at Nike and Under Armour, for example. Both of these companies produce well made shoes. If Nike developes a brand new shoe that everyone loves, Under Armour will strive to make a better shoe. Once Nike sees Under Armour gaining popularity, Nike will strive to develop a better shoe. This cycle repeats until both companies have phenomenal products. This not only helps the companies, but it also helps the economy. No matter how one looks at it, there is ultimately no negative side effects. Competition will always separate the willing from the weak. When people play …show more content…

When I was in elementary school, the principal would always have incentives for the student’s SOL tests. It would range from a field trip, to going to the school pool. Every year, some students would fail their SOL test. Those students would get to look out the window and see everyone else having fun. The next year, those students did their absolute best and passed their SOL test. Competition, however, does have some negative drawbacks. People claim that competition leads to bitterness and hostility to others. Most people are upset when they lose, but they stop acting like a child and continue on with their lives. Competition has many more positive aspects than negative. All in all, competition is necessary in America’s society. Competition will always lead to better products. Competition will separate the weak from the willing. Competition will spark inspiration in someone to bring out their best. Competition has always been around for centuries, it should not be stopped

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