Compare And Contrast Star Wars Vs Star Trek

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek The question has long been asked in the science fiction community: which is better - Star Wars or Star Trek? The answer is most definitely different depending on who you ask. Some fans might claim “the force” in Star Wars is better a better weapon than any Federation firearm out there. Others will say that Star Trek is far superior because of the “Holodeck” technology that the Star Wars universe lacks. A lot of fans will love one series and hate the other. Going so far as to map out the entire Star Trek ships based on math and occasional guesswork, or spend thousands of dollars on a real life “RD-D2” droid characters from Star Wars. While there are many obvious differences between the two beloved universes, there are a surprising number of similarities too. The origin of each series has a different story. Star Wars is a movie series said to belong to a subgenre of science fiction called “space opera” which was inspired by work like Beowulf , King …show more content…

For one thing, the word ‘star’ is in both of the titles. Both universes are portraying stories with philosophical messages in them. Star Wars centers around the concept of “good versus evil”. Star Wars emphasises against a totalitarian system and promotes societies that show equality. Star Trek shows the theme of exploration and the consequences (good or bad) of interference with other worlds and cultures. Both series also display societies of many different flora and fauna, spread across many planets. The galaxy in both series are under one rule. The United Federation of Planets in Star Trek are a group of planetary governments who agreed to assemble under a single central authority in a Utopian manner. In the Star Wars universe, the ruling goes from the Old Republic, which later became the Galactic Empire, and the reformed into the New Republic. The New Republic is headed by a chancellor, and it is a democratic

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