Compare And Contrast The Roman Empire And The Kingdom Of God

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Comparing and Contrasting the Roman Empire and Kingdom of God
There were, and are, many kingdoms and empires in this world. Some of these kingdoms are quite similar, and some, are not even close to the same. The Roman Empire and the Kingdom of God, two very important kingdoms in our lifetime, both have several interesting similarities and differences.
Although there seems to be more contrasting statements about the two very different kingdoms, several similarities are evident. Caesar Augustus, the adopted son of Julius Caesar and Ruler of Rome, and God, the evident ruler of the Kingdom of God, have the same leadership goal; to bring peace and stability to their chaotic empire. The empire of Augustus was Rome, whereas God’s empire is the whole universe. In 27 BC, the start of his reign, Augustus created a period of Roman peace, called the Pax Romana for 207 years. Augustus worked to stabilize and glorify Rome through the building of beautiful monuments and buildings and creating a sound government system. This stability in the empire lasted long after Augustus’ death in AD 14. Likewise, God brought, and is going to bring, peace in the world today. God sent his one and only son, Jesus, into the world to

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