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Fawzi AlRagheb Professor Xiamara Hohman English 200 April 4th 2016 Smoke Signals vs This is what it means to say Phoenix Arizona Comparison Sherman Alexie, the author of the story “This is what it means to say Phoenix Arizona” and screenplay writer of the movie “Smoke Signals”. The movie was based on the short story and had many adaptive similarities from it but there were also major differences too. The differences were made not to affect the main storyline of Thomas and Victor’s journey but only to make it more pleasant to watch as a motion picture. Overall both the movie and the short story are about a man on his journey to get his father's ashes and his mental fight with his past. Both stories begin the same way with the fire and then progress through the ride to Arizona and then finding Victor’s father ashes then to be faced by the issue of forgiving him and end the same way. In the movie we can see events from when Victor’s dad was alive and why his father left. The constant transition between past and future events also help to show how Victor felt at different times of his journey and the ways he remember his father. Also Vice Versa, some events in the story weren't in the movie such as the story when Thomas saves Victor from wasps. Differences are also how Victor and Thomas …show more content…

This major event changes the movie from the short story a lot as it sets important points like the guilt Arnold needs to remember on a daily basis. Thus, in turn, giving a reason for all of the drinking problems they have in their family and the abuse and anger he always possesses in his character. The alcoholism is also a reason for why he left in the end. Another major point is the character of Suzy that shows Victor his fathers caring side and the stories he used to tell her about Victor such as how he lied about winning the basketball game because of Victors final play in the

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