'Who Goes There? Or The Thing' By John W. Campbell

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The following work of interest is “Who goes there?” or “The Thing” by John W. Campbell. Originally written in 1938, “Who goes there?” tells the story of a group of scientific researchers in Antarctica who discover a space ship and an alien creature entombed in ice. As the story progress the crew realize that the creature has escaped and has one deadly ability, the ability to imitate any living thing down to the cellular level. The story touches a bit on some of the philosophy of being human and what it would actually take to imitate a human perfectly. Some of the differences from the short story to the film are much similar to the ones mentioned with Jurassic park. Differences like this are found in timeline, and some of the big climaxes of small events that occur throughout the story. Let’s begin with a short summary …show more content…

Shortly after the dog-thing transforms trying to assimilate all the dogs at once. The entire crew assembles in front of the dog cage and look in horror as it uses tentacles to attach itself to the dogs and eat them. The creature is late killed with a flamethrower and the dogs are then quarantined. This scene is slightly different from its novel counterpart because of how the thing is killed. In the short story the author lets us know right at the end of chapter 4 that Connant the man in charge of watching the thing is the first to be assimilated. Although, later on, the author misleads us to throw suspicion off Connant by assuming that the thing just skipped him and went straight to the dog pen, which is later found out not to be true. Connant wakes up in chapter five and notices the thing missing and later there can be heard sounds from the dog pen which then reunites the entire crew. The thing is caught in the act of trying to assimilate much similar to the movie scene but instead of the use of a flamethrower the crew kills it using axes and weapons. This is an important aspect when it comes to

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