Compare How Different Political-Based Media Outlets Differ In Framing And Fox News

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For this project I will be analyzing how terrorism is framed differently and how the agendas are set differently depending on the political affiliation of a given news network. I will compare how different politically based media outlets differ in framing and agenda setting of terrorism. The two outlets I will be looking at are MSNBC and Fox News. I am eager to see how vastly different terrorism is represented by varying news outlets based on political affiliation. MSNBC is an American news cable and satellite television network that provides news coverage and political commentary from NBC News. It is second in prime time and all-day viewership to Fox News (Katz, 2017). This media outlet is known to take a left-wing approach to political commentary. Because of this, consumers are typically assumed to lean more on the democratic side. Fox News Network is a basic cable and satellite news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group. Many consumers have joked that Fox should be renamed RNNN (Republican National News Network) for its radically right bias. Because of this Fox has been known to attract a more republican viewer base. Many of the stories covered …show more content…

I will then list in the columns to follow which program uses these words, how often, and the time stamp in which they use the word. I will also be comparing the length and number of terrorism segments on each network for the given times. Because I am interested in discovering the difference in each side’s attempt to set the agenda and frame certain people as more likely to be terrorists I will be directly comparing the frequency of these words and the number of segments involving terrorism as a central theme. This will hopefully also shed light on how framing of people involved in said terrorist attack differs depending on the media

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