Comparing A Soldier's Heart And Red Badge Of Courage

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War is something human nature cannot seem to avoid. In both A Soldiers Heart and Red Badge of Courage, there is a lot of war, and a lot of death that the main characters witness. Though their stories may seem similar, Henry and Charley are two very different people. They both fought in war, but experienced different events in the meantime. They both suffered great loss, trauma, and not only a physical war, but also, a war within themselves. These books, all in all, are very much alike but they still have their differences the more you read into them.
Henry and Charley are their own people and are different in a few ways. Though it was possible for both young men to have families, Charley surely made his admiration and concern for them more known. While, Henry, hardly seemed to mention his family. As far as how the books started, Red Badge of Courage started out with Henry at a war camp and in A Soldiers Heart, it started with Charley at his home, with his family. And while Henry seemed to be the right age for war, Charley had faked his age to enter. One would personally believe that even though these books may seem almost identical to each other, that the way the …show more content…

While Henry had just followed along his dying friends and fellow soldiers, Charley had saw a man wounded and tried to help in any way he could. Not only that, but when things got tough, even though they both were scared, Charley had stayed with his group while Henry decided to make a run for it the moment things got tough. In the end of the stories, Charley had suffered great trauma, along with a case of PTSD and depression causing suicidal thoughts while Henry, though still probably suffering trauma, redeemed himself and fought alongside his men. Though both stories were about brave men, few would believe that, in A Soldiers Heart, Charley had been the braver of the two stories as well as the most

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