Similarities Between Alice Walker And The Kite Runner

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People share similarities in their daily lives every day.Maybe you and someone across the world are nearly similar.For instance, Alice Walker and Amir from The Kite Runner. Although they were both different, the two had very similar lives.As shown, both characters lost one of their parents, and both were misunderstood by their fathers. Otherwise, a difference is that they both share is that they never contradicted their fathers. Both stories have similarities and differences relating to the main character and were not all that different if you actually think about it. The two characters were similar in a way relating to them both having a parent pass away. In The Kite Runner, it says that Amir’s mom passed away and in the excerpt from “Father” by Alice Walker, it states “It is frustrating that, because now he is dead, I will never know.”. This proves that the two characters are similar because although the gender of their parents that did die was different, the two basically lived their lives with only one parent.…show more content…
Alice felt that her father didn't support her writing and Amir felt guilt considering the fact that he “killed Baba’s beloved wife” during labor and believed that was the reason for Baba feeling more affection towards Hassan other than Amir. For instance, in The Kite Runner it states “Baba was there, watching, and he patted Hassan on the back. Even put his arm around his shoulder.”. This was the point where Amir knew or believed that he had to do an activity so spectacular that Baba wouldn’t resist spending time with him instead of Hassan. As well as Amir feeling misunderstood, Alice Walker felt the same way about her own father. From the excerpt “Father”, it reveals “ I’m positive my father never understood why I wrote.” , and as a result, Alice and her father never got an opportunity to connect with each
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