Comparing Jake's Anxiety And The Psychodynamic Approach

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When Jake became highly anxious about his classes, a psychologist diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. However, the ways psychologist would look at the origin and treatment of Jakes anxiety would differ depending on the approach. A behavior approach would look at the environment around Jake, while the cognitive approach which would look at how Jake thinks. The humanistic approach would identify that Jake is not in harmony with his surroundings and look at the way he thought of himself. If one were to look at the origin of Jakes anxiety from the Behavioral approach, it would be based only on observations. By looking at the environment around Jake, they could figure out what is causing the anxiety. For example Jake may fell anxious and overwhelmed when he has homework. From this the psychologist suggest a reward system. If Jake did his homework, he may be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment. Ultimately this could lead to reduced anxiety. Rather than looking at the environment around Jake, like the behavioral approach, the Cognitive approach would look at jakes insight and how he thinks. By identifying how Jake thinks about his homework, a psychologist could attempt to change this. If Jake interpreted homework as bad, he could try to interpret homework as something …show more content…

Psychologist view behaviorism as a more scientific point of view based on laws of learning that explains the way humans behave. Cognitivism has helped psychologist today with understating inside the brain and how it functions. A field based on Cognitivism called cognitive neuroscience has helped psychologist come up with a better view between the relationship of the brain and of thinking. On the other hand the humanistic view has little impact on science, this is because psychologist consider it a therapy. The humanistic approach has almost become universal in that psychologist establish a relationship with empathy and

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