Comparing Ray Bradbury's 'The Sieve And The Sand'

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16. Montag feels horrible for what he did, it made him very uncomfortable. He wanted to be able to read, think and to find the hidden truth. He didn’t want to be a fireman who starts fires anymore; he doesn’t want to continue killing the authors. 17. When schools starting graduating people for non-academic subjects like sports, the word “intellectual” became a swear word. People started living for pleasure and “fun” but books caused a variety of opinions and due to that it caused conflicts. To stop this diversity in opinions and the rise in conflicts, people wanted to get rid of books. Since everything is fireproof, there was no need for firemen to put out fires. So they were given a new job as a “custodians of our peace of mind” by burning books. …show more content…

The title “The Sieve and the Sand” is an allure to the past Montag. When he was child his cousin told him to fill a sieve with sand for a dime. However, it is impossible to fill a sieve with sand for when the sand goes in, it comes out through the bottom, that’s its purpose; to drain out the sand and leave the bigger parts on top. This moment in his past connects with his present conflict. He was raised in a society where they live for the immediate moment, so it was hard for him to memorize a passage. The information he would read would enter his brain and exit through his brain like the sand in the

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