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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part two is easily one of my favorite movies or all time. This particular film was separated into two filsm in order to really get the whole picture and momentum of the books. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part two is an important film because it changed films. There was no other movies out there like the harry potter series. Chris Columbus who directed the first couple of films really wanted to have the whole layout done before the start of filming each movie. “We aspired to be a sort of Godfather for kids. That was part of our mantra in the beginning. Our goal was to make something that feels as rich an complex, but for kids.” (Columbus, 2011) The Harry Potter series has become one of …show more content…

“With a lot of these movies made over the last 10 years since Potter, People are overcompensating for the fact that the books aren’t as good. Studios are going to continue to search for the next Harry Potter for the next 40 or 50 years.” (Columbus, 2011) With the amount of attention and thrill the the Harry Potter series has created, its no wonder different series of books have also made an attempt to make it big on the big screan, but to their dismay, they never really got their foot in the ground like the Harry Potter series did. It has been nominated 68 times and won 36 awards including the BAFTA Film Award for best special vidual effects, the BAFTA Children’s Award for best feature film, the AFI Special Award for the end of a landmark series , the Saturn Award for best fantasy film, it won the contribution to cinematic imagery Award, Excellence in production design award, BMI Film Music award, it won the critics choice award for best sound and best makeup, it won people’s choice award for favorite movie, favorite action movie, favorite book adaption and favorite ensemble movie cast, in the UK it won the SFX award for best film and best director and also won the SLFCA award for best visual effects in 2011. With all of these awards its no wonder critics …show more content…

Everone wants to be like them, but so far, not everyone has succeded into that.
The business of the film is very interesting. The shoots for Harry potter and the deathly Hallows part 2 was shot in Leavesden Film Studios which is located in London, England. It is a large film and media operation that is owned by Warner Bros. Before it was a large media company, it was a rolls-Royce car factory and airfield that was used during the World War II. The BACKING WAS,
The distribution was large. The first poster that was released to market the movie was on March 28, 2011. On July 7 2011, the film released in London and on july 15, the grand film was played in 3,800 different movie theaters. The United States played the movie in 4,375 different movie theaters, 3,100 different 3D theaters and 274 different IMAX theaters.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part two set the world record for its opening weekend. It earned a total of 483.2 million in the first weekend as well as setting many other world records for a weekend show in many different countries in the world. To this date, it is the fourth highest grossing film. It made the most money of the whole Harry potter series and was the ninth film to earn over a billion

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