Comparison Of Napoleon In Animal Farm

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The book Animal Farm by George Orwell is about a pig named Napoleon who slowly became the dictator of a farm. Although the book is unrealistic and about walking / talking animals, it still has many similarities to real world events. One real event homogenous to animal farms dictatorship is the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro. Both Nicholas and Napoleon came into power, stayed in power, and used people in similar ways. In the beginning of the book, animal farm was run by a human named Jones. All the animals believed that they were treated unfairly and ended up rebelling against him. The farm however, was still in horrible shape, so Napoleon stepped in and told everyone that he would make it better. The animals listened to Napoleon because they weren’t sure what else to do, and they thought that the pig was truly helping out the farm and making their lives better. Nicholas was able to win over his people in the same way. In order for people to start following him in the first place, he announced to all his citizens that he would turn the country around and make it a better and safer environment for everyone. Venezuela (the country Maduro eventually overtook) was in a tragic state after the previous president died. There was barely any food and violence soon spread throughout the country like wildfire. He told his people that with him as president, their food supply would triple and the violence would come to an end. Everyone believed him, just as the animals believed

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