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The remarkable thing about the computer age is that so much has happened in so short time. We have leap frogged through four generations of technologies in about 40 years. The first three generation are pinned to three technological developments -the vacuum tube, transistor and integrated circuit- each of which has drastically changed the nature of computers. We define the timing of each generation according to the beginning of the hardware technology. Through 1970s computers gained dramatically in speed, reliability and storage capacity. The fourth generation was in fact an extension of third-generation technology. The beginning of the fourth computer generation coincided with the development of the large scale integrated (LSI) circuit which…show more content…
The 4004 had the equivalent of 2250 transistors, making it an exceedingly limited processor. Several 8 bit microprocessors were developed before 1974 but the 8 bit Intel 8008 was the first one with the speed and power needed for microcomputers. The first microcomputers, the MITS (micro instrumentation and telemetry system) Altair 800 was based on Intel 8008 microprocessor. Bill gates together with Paul Allen developed the first high level language for microprocessor. His version of BASIC on the MITS Altairs soon becomes standard programming language for microcomputer. In 1974 Gates and Allen founded Microsoft Corporation. In 1973, Gary Killdall (consultant for Intel) implements a programming language for the 8080 microprocessor. He developed a program called CP/M (Control Program for microcomputers) for controlling the keyboard, CRT screen and disks. Kildall first offer the program to Intel, but Intel declined the offer so he sold it by mail to hobbyist. In 1975 he set up Digital research to sell CP/M. In no time at all,CP/M was being used on more than 1 million microcomputers system. Kildall’s CP/M had a dramatic effect on the development of microcomputers .CP/M remains the most widely used operating system for 8bits…show more content…
It was sold fully assembled and included a keyboard, cassette tape or disk, printer and also virus size of memory. The Microsoft BASIC language also included. The theory was that a person could write BASIC program to solve his or her problem. A Large adding machine company, Commodore Business Machines, introduced the Commodore PET in 1977. This is the complete micrometer with a keyboard, screen and a cassette tape drive. The usefulness of these machines is expended because of the new idea in software. Dan Bricklin got new idea for a program that anyone could use - VisiCalc. It was introduced on May 11, 1979 at the West Coast Computer Faire. It turned a micrometer like the Apple 11 into a familiar spreadsheet that would total numbers in rows and column. It made people realize that anybody could use a computer. That is, VisiCalc was more than a program which many other soon copied. Even today the best software emulates some familiar model. At about the same time, word processing software on microcomputers became popular as alternatives to expensive system designed solely for word processing. Large computer manufacturers such as IBM and DEC didn't enter the microcomputer field until 1980s. On 1980, Bell laboratory invented and developed the Bellmac-32, the first true single chip microprocessor with 32-bit internal architecture and a 32-bit data bus. The corporate phase began

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