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Conflict between the characters in the texts “Confetti Girl” by Diana Lopez and “Tortilla Sun” by Jennifer Cervantes is like Katniss battling President Snow in the Hunger Games trilogy. In the text “Confetti Girl”, the author talks about how an unnamed teen and her father have different opinions on homework. In “Tortilla Sun”, the author writes about how Izzy and her mother have mixed feelings on moving. In conclusion, conflict occurs when the child feels neglected and abandoned and the parent just wants what's best for the child.
The untitled teen of “Confetti Girl” certainly feels neglected and left out. In the exposition, the father tries to find a book for the offspring and she feels unwanted. “Nothing's more important than his books and vocabulary words. He might say I matter, but when he goes on a scavenger hunt for a book, I realize I
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In the exposition, Izzy feels excluded from the conversation when her mother says that Izzy has to go to New Mexico and she doesn't have any other options. “You're going to New Mexico and that's final” (Cervantes 28). “Why do you always get to decide everything?” (Cervantes 29). This cite illiterates, that Izzy is just trying to have a voice and when her mom doesnt listen she just feels left out and of the conversation. In conclusion, Izzy feels neglected and just needs to talk to her mom about the situation. On the other hand, the mother is only trying to do what's best for her and her daughter's future. In the text, the mother tells Izzy that their lives will change and be better. “‘And after this I can finally graduate. Our lives will change then.’ ‘For the better’” (Cervantes 15). This cite demonstrates that the family is in a tight situation and how if izzy's mom graduates college it would help them in the future. To theorize, the mother is just trying to help their family got out of the tight situation and the child just doesn't comprehend

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