Confucianism In The Han Dynasty

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When discussing the influence of Confucianism in the Han empire it is clear to say that other than the concept of education, relationship also played role in the contribution of order in society. One of the most well known systems in grouping this idea were the Five Relationships or in what used to be called wu-lun. These include relationships between father and son, elder brother and younger brother, husband and wife, emperor and subject, and friend and friend. The most essential relationship during the Han dynasty would be the association between emperor and subject, in which, it is the job of a subject to serve the emperor but, it is also the job of the emperor to care for the subject. According to Taylor, “ The Five Relations are …show more content…

Even though during the period of the Han state members were selected based on merit not family, the family values and virtuosity were still very essential in bringing a stable community. Confucius emphasized that in the family each member had a specific role in which they had duties, and should act a certain way. With that relationships and family co-play based on three of the Five Basic Relationships: father to son, older brother to younger brother, and husband to wife. The relationships within the family were to be strictly hierarchical, as the males and older were ranked higher than females or the younger. Mostly because males and older male members were seen to be much more intelligent and experienced, but in general the reason was that age was favored over youth. Of all the relationships the strongest would be between father and son. The son was required to give all respect to his father, even after the father's death. According to Hoobler “ The son was responsible for offering sacrifices to his father’s spirit. Known as filial piety, this duty to father became deeply ingrained in Chinese civilization.” Even though all obedience had to be given to the father, respect for the mother was also expected, but not to the level of the father. With that it is the main understanding that children were required to showing solitude to parents , if not there would be no way in reforming a stable community, and administration. In the end it makes the most sense to say that the contribution of order in a society and government have had the biggest influence on Confucianism in the Han Dynasty of 206 B.C all the way to 220 A.D as it is resembled in the display of education, relationships, and family

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