Conversational Implicature To Chetan Bhagat's The Three Mistakes Of My Life

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4.0 Preliminaries The present chapter has been devoted to the application of concept of conversational implicature to Chetan Bhagat’s novel The Three Mistakes of My Life. The analysis of conversational passages has been carried out on the basis of analytical model which has been incorporated in Chapter III. Analytical model, as illustrated in Chapter III, includes certain steps of analysis which start with selection of the conversational pieces, followed by inclusion of contextual setting, drawing implicature behind conversation and furnishing concluding comments etc. 4.1 Analysis of Conversational Implicature Conversational Exchange 1 Contextual Background Ishaan asks Govind to help his sister Vidya in Mathematics. She is studying for medical entrance test and there are few questions on Mathematics. On Ishaan’s persistence Govind starts teaching Mathematics. It is a regular class of Mathematics going on in Ishaan’s house. The conversation takes place between Vidya and Govind. They are solving probability problems. Following Govind’s instructions Vidya solves some problems and Govind admires her efforts. Vidya asks Govind if he wants tea. Govind refuses to have tea. She asks if he likes coffee. Govind says he likes probability and asks her to move to the next example. Implicature Analysis When Vidya…show more content…
To break the silence Ishaan asks Ali’s father about his life in the past. Ali’s father tells them that he has to leave the campus after retirement. It is his father’s wish that Ali must go to Madrasa but after his death Ali’s father put him in the local school. Ali’s father asks Ishaan why he wants to coach Ali. Ishaan explains that Ali is gifted so he wants to coach Ali. Then Ali’s father turns to politics and asks them whether they know that he belongs to secular party and if they wish they can visit his party. Omi gets angry on this as he thinks that Ali’s father is trying to convert them to his

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