Corporal Punishment In America

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Breaking news: physical discipline was banned in America in 2018 and now the country is seeing a significant decrease in crime, unemployment, and suicide rates. Corporal punishment has been around for a long time: crime rates have been increasing for a long time as well. There is a direct relation between high crime rates and physical discipline. Physical discipline has a lot of effects that have been proven bad through decades of research. The people should ban corporal punishment in America because one day the country will see that headline. Corporal punishment should be banned in America: because corporal punishment has short-term effects, long-term effects, and leads to crime.
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Corporal punishment was banned in New Zealand in 2008 and according to, “New Zealand has 26% less crime than the United States” ( Similarly, the United States has 333 time more murders than New Zealand and other crimes as well. Since, corporal discipline leads to aggression, when physical discipline is outlawed crime rates go down. Which is why in New Zealand the crime rate is significantly lower than the United States of America. Similarly, 51 countries have banned corporal punishment and have seen a decrease in crime rates throughout the years. The UNC (United Nations Committee) called physical discipline “legalized violence against children” and than proposed a treaty that 192 countries signed: United States and Somalia being the only countries who denied the treaty. Internationally speaking, Greece and Iceland both have banned physical punishment and have seen a significant decrease in crime and murder rates. The United States however, has had a continuous increase in crime and murder throughout the years. When the crime rate goes up so does the stress level and extreme agony can be a trigger to depression and other mental illnesses which can slowly lead into a higher disemployment rate. In conclusion, corporally punishing a child can lead to crime in …show more content…

They often plead that corporal punishment can show dominance, correct behavior, and that all children are different. Corporal punishment does display an aggressive form of dominance: but on the other hand, a child may revert to bullying other children to display dominance and also have high aggression levels and low patience. Similarly, physical discipline has never been scientifically proven to correct bad behavior long-term. Corporal punishment may fix an issue short-term, but eventually the child will do it again and spanking or hitting them will not fix the issue, rather they must address the issue in a calm manner and discuss with a child why what they have done is wrong. Given, all children are unique and react differently to a variety of different forms of discipline: corporally punishing a child has never been useful and a multitude of tests have been done on different children. Many parents believe that spanking a child is the only way to make a lasting imprint on how they behave (Healthline). This is false because time-out, a discussion, taking away what caused the problem, and even practicing patience can make lasting imprints on a child, and even parents. In the end, physical discipline is not only wrong, but

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