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1.1 What is a costume Costume design is envisioning of clothing and the overall appearance of a character or performer. It may refer to the style of dress particular to a nation, a class, or a period. Costume may contribute to the fullness of the artistic, visual world which is unique to a particular theatrical or cinematic production. Costumes are done for a theater, cinema, or musical performance but that should not be limited. Although both create clothes, Costume design should not be confused with costume coordination which merely involves altering existing clothing. The basic costume designs are produced to denote status, provide protection or modesty, or provide visual interest to a character . The clothing worn throughout a film have a very important role to fulfill along with the script, actors and music. They can make the characters believable and interesting, good or evil, sad or funny, They can greatly influence how the audience sees the…show more content…
By investigating the dress and fashion of the time, or historical period, costume designers try to replicate clothing by working within the director’s vision for the film. In the previous days of cinema, actors wore their own clothing. And it changed with the advent of feature-length narrative films. That made costume designer an important part of the production design team. Costume designer helped to galvanize cinema’s influence on fashion trends and helped to establish a symbiotic relationship with the fashion world, and interest around the world during the studio era in Hollywood. Beginning in the 1970s, several interesting histories of Hollywood helped to define the importance of costume to the film and the work of the costume designer. In the international film world much less has been written on costume design. But during the last several decades, scholarly discussion of costume and fashion related to film has emerged from multiple disciplines,

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