Courage Essay: Courage Is A Heroic Act Of Courage

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Audacity Courage may be defined by many as a heroic act of bravery. Courage is reflective of a person 's actions and choices they make in life. Courage is illustrated when an individual faces a difficult situation and their decision on how to act is based on what is best for the family. Courage is when a person changes their career to ensure they can be an effective and participating parent. The most common act of bravery is when young men and women become soldiers to keep this country safe and strong. Courage comes in many different forms, mother’s sacrifice, soldier’s bravery, and a father’s love. A prime example of courage is when a mother declined life-saving medical treatment to provide a healthy life for her unborn child. My mother became pregnant with me when she thirty-three years of age. Her pregnancy went well for several months until a problem was discovered by my mother’s physician. A series of tests were showing and the results concluded that my mother had a very aggressive strand of cervical cancer. The doctors gave my mother, two choices. The first option was to abort the pregnancy and have surgery to remove cancer. The second option was to continue the pregnancy. If she chose this option, she would have to take medication and steroid shots to help me develop, especially my lungs. She was informed that by taking the medication and the shots, the growth of cancer would accelerate rapidly. The longer her pregnancy term lasted, the lower her

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