Character Analysis Of Stacey In Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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Many say Courageousness is standing up for something you know is wrong, speaking up when no one wants to listen, taking action in something that many others consider unwanted, I believe that courage is a combination of all of these.n the novel of Roll Of Thunder Hear my cry, Mildred D Taylor created a character named Stacey who will do anything in order to protect those around him (especially family) Stacey was courageous because he went to places that were against the rules or somewhere that not many kids his age should go to, Stacey destroyed the bus by digging a ditch, and took initiative a few times. Stacey deals with problems in a courages way by standing his ground and not taking no as a rebuttal or an answer while taking action. Stacey will do everything in his power as a black boy in order to provide for his family and will help his family (specifically cassie) when they start to realize that the world is unfair. Have you ever gone somewhere that you shouldn 't have or that common sense says is a bad idea, because Stacey did exactly that. Stacey has gone to many places that he shouldn 't have or that he knew would be dangerous. Stacey went to the Wallace store (for a good reason) which was both dangerous and off limits for him and his siblings. Stacey also went to T.J´s house ( during the night and with …show more content…

Stacey helped get Cassio out of the Barnetts store when she was making Mr. Barnett angry. Stacey also helped Jack calm on the reins (he failed but that 's not the point). An example of Stacey taking initiative is ¨no I 'll wait here¨. Stacey taking these little actions are still courageous in their own ways and when they are all put together than It shows that Stacey is very courageous. Courage is courage no matter how small is what I

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