Cow Cheese Informative Speech

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Cornhole is fast becoming a tradition for many family get-togethers and tailgate parties and while many other people, friends and family members, may already know a lot of the terminology that goes along with the cornhole game, you may find yourself at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to keeping up. You don't have to continue to guess at what they're talking about or have to feel stupid for asking about everything they say. The following terms are the most commonly associated with cornhole. Cow Pie (or Ace): This occurs when the bag lands on the board. This is worth one point. Back Door: When a bag bounces or slides over another bag and goes in the hole for three points. Backstop: When a bag lands at the back of the board, but just past the hole. This allows a subsequent throw to use it as a backstop. Blocker: When a cow pie stops in front of the hole. This essentially blocks the hole from any thrower that…show more content…
Hanger: You'll see this quite a bit when a bag (cow pie or ace) hangs over the hole but doesn't drop in. Jumper: This happens when a bag strikes another one already on the board and then 'jumps' into the cornhole. Leprechaun: When a player makes all four tosses onto the board but none get into the hole. Power Wash: This occurs when all four tosses from each player lands on the board. Since the score is tied, it's a wash for that round - no one earns points. Sally (or corn patty): When the toss is too short and the bean bag lands before the board. Shucker: When a toss hits another player's bean bag already on the board and subsequently knocks it off the board. Skunk: A shutout. Slider: A cornhole that slides into the hole. These are just some of the terms that are being used today in cornhole. Once you have a working knowledge of the different, and unique, terms, then you're ready to jump into the conversation and have a load of fun with the other cornhole game
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