Craigslist Swot Analysis

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Craigslist is an unconventional, down-to-earth web site with a mission of providing a trustworthy, efficient, relatively non-commercial place for people to find all the basics in their local area. The site offers local community classifieds and forums free to individuals. It handles more than 5 million classified ads and 1 million forums postings each month in 175 local craigslist sites throughout the US and 34 countries worldwide [Source: craigslist, August 2005]
Craigslist as a business entity gained popularity in numerous ways that will serve as a source of means for their recognition as one of the best companies ever. The company really had many numerous reasons as defined out so as to increase popularity of their website. Craigslist owes most of its increasing success to the various contributing factors that are very much relevant and appealing to users’ community value. Craigslist had a breath of links to pages with available information, similar to a host of community information. The company although can be noticed one that does not contain business ads. Craigslist thus attributed their success of popularity to the community formulation as it continues to pursue the promotion of the
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Therefore, there was the need for a significant change since contrary, the popularity of Craigslist has increased from the vicinity located, San Francisco Bay Area to various vast of regions. I think that, Craigslist has designed the website in order to have an easy access of the sites which promotes simple navigation for information. Craigslist as a company really retains community values which helps more users to engage with globalization and mass

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