Crime Specific Strategy

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Crime specific strategies are targeted strategies, targeted specific offense committed by specific types of offenders at specific times and place (Hoover, L. 2014). New York City introduces a crime specific strategy by using random patrol in the early days, and it produce positive results. A crime specific strategy entails a combination of match between targeting and tactics (Hoover, L. 2014).
There are different ways to be effective in reducing crime such as planning, monitoring, contemplative, being proactive and continuously too modified. While being proactive in doing investigation will help to reduce crime by leading to more arrests being made. An effective investigation can make a large impact on the way crime solved. Community policing emphasizes proactive problem solving in a systematic and routine fashion. A major conceptual vehicle for helping officers to think about problem-solving in a structured and Assessment (SARA) problem-solving model(
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Analysis for monitoring crime gives you an accurate time. While engaging the citizens in their own community will have an impact on solving crime. The purpose of community policing was to “take the predator off the streets” (Trjanowicz & Bucqueroux, 1990).
It is my belief that reducing gun violence is a public concern for any neighborhood or communities around the country. Some states have deployed a program to buy back guns with no question asked to get them off the streets to help reduce crime.

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