Crisis In The Rohingya

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There is a major crisis going on right now in the country of Myanmar unlike anything in the modern world. A small people group known as the Rohingya are being persecuted by the government of their home country. The Rohingya are defined by Britannica Academic as “Rohingya, term commonly used to refer to a community of Muslims generally concentrated in Rakhine (Arakan) state in Myanmar (Burma), although they can also be found in other parts of the country as well as in refugee camps in neighbouring Bangladesh and other countries. They are considered to be among the most persecuted minorities in the world”(Chan 1). Within the Rakhine state there are over 420,000 people who are trying desperately to flee their own country for another that does…show more content…
Rohingya are only able to obtain citizenship if they can prove that their ancestors migrated there before 1823. The article Return for Burma's Displaced Rohingya addresses the issue “The 1982 Citizenship Law doesn't recognize the Rohingya as a national ethnic group and denies citizenship to individuals who cannot provide evidence that their ancestors settled in the country before 1823, the year the British began their occupation of Rakhine state, then known as Arakan”(Gregoire 3). Due to the 1982 citizenship law, the vast majority of rohingya are not able to obtain citizenship even if they were born in the country. This causes them to be taken advantage of and to have many of their basic human rights taken away. Muslim militants have risen up and began fighting back due to the mistreatment of the Rohingya. This backlash has caused the myanmar military to start attacking the muslim militant as well as innocent civilians within the rakhine state. The havoc that is occuring in the rakhine state is illustrated in an article from BBC news, it says “The latest exodus began on 25 August after Rohingya Arsa militants attacked more than 30 police posts... At least 6,700 Rohingya, including at least 730 children under the age of five, were killed in the month after the violence broke out, according to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Amnesty International says the Myanmar…show more content…
The US is currently providing support to aid in the crisis. Cnn had a news article titled US to provide $32 million in aid to Rohingya fleeing Myanmar that describes in detail how the US is handling the crisis. The article states, “The US will provide a humanitarian aid package worth nearly $32 million to Rohingya who have fled violence in Myanmar's Rakhine State in recent weeks...The funding ‘reflects the US commitment to help address the unprecedented magnitude of suffering and urgent humanitarian needs of the Rohingya people,’ said the State Department's Acting Assistant Secretary Simon Henshaw”(Kosinski, Cohen, Gaouette 1). This all took place in september of 2017 when the secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, took a diplomatic trip to meet with the leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu, to hopefully resolve the crisis. It may seem as though there is nothing we as citizens can do to help the Rohingya people because they are so far away and their may not be anything we can do to influence the problem without actually going there. However there is one major thing we can do to influence the crisis from home. The rohingya are considered to be a forgotten people. Their rights have been taken away, they are being forced out of their home country, and they have virtually no say in their lives or futures. What the Rohingya people need more than anything right now is a voice. We are fortunate enough to have a voice

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