Why Is Cristopher Columbus Bad

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There were many historians that I could have chosen for my NHD topic, but I decided to go with Cristopher Columbus. Many of the reason was because if it were not for him we would not have a Complete Country. Although there was a claim that he did not there are some reasons why though. All these problems, claims, and questions that you might ask will be in my NHD paper. On page 8 of “Columbus Debunking of a Legacy” Cristopher Columbus was born in Genoa Italy in 1451. On this year Columbus was on his first voyage it almost cost him his life. This voyage happened when he was about 15 years of age in 1476. (pg10) Before Columbus could go on to his first voyager he had to convince the king and queen of Italy where he was going to go. Now the reason …show more content…

(pg56) On this page of the book it talks about Columbus having a dark side. In this page one of the dark sides is that he had enslaved many natives in the area. Other facts that there was about him were that he thought and people still speak of this they and he thought that he did discover America but in reality he did not for some reasons. One of the reasons is that before he was even their natives already lived there. But in his journal he claimed that he was the founder of the Americas. Also when him and his crew was in big trouble the natives there tried helping him and his crew by feeding them, but Columbus and his crew rejected it wasn’t till October 12, 1492 there was a lunar eclipse he was on the island of Cuba that would later be named San Salvador and the lunar eclipse saved him and the crew he had. Though he had lots of voyagers he had four of them throughout his life time before he could go on his fifth he died May 20,1506 in Valladolid Spain, then buried in Seville Cathedral Spain. He did have a family his wife and two children they’re names Diego Columbus, and Ferdinand Columbus. Columbus had little education he learned to read and write only as an adult. He had two brothers that were named Bartholomew Columbus, and Giacomo Columbus. His father was a wool weaver and his mother was a house wife that took care of the children while his father worked at his occupation. Christopher Columbus wife was Filipa Moniz Perestrelo she was from Porto Santo Island in Madeira Portugal. Christopher Columbus and Filipa got married in 1476 on the island of

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