Critical Review On Employee Commitment

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Critical review on employee commitment.
Day in and day out, in every organisation, Employers are faced with the situation of securing employee commitment in order to optimise the use scarce resources at hand to maximise profit. Ideally, the aim of every firm is to attain a workforce which is fully committed to gain the highest possible amount of profit but the question is,” Is the quest for seeking full commitment realistic and also, by which ways and means can management secure employee commitment within an organisation?. The main purpose of this critical review is to critically evaluate and critique the forms of employee commitment within an organisation, identify the problems involved in gaining employee commitment within an
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In my opinion, the main problem is communication. “According to Robert Wandberg, communication basically refers to the sending and receiving of messages. In other words, communication is the way by which people exchange information.” (Wandberg.R, 2001). Employees often feel neglected when management do not include them in decision making, communicate and attain feedback from them. “Relating to Elton Mayo’s (1880- 1949) human relations theories which he and his team conducted a series of experiments concerning working conditions over a five year period, One of the conclusions he drew from the Hawthorne effect was that when managers consult with employees and take interest in their work, then motivation, commitment and productivity is improved so if managers do not communicate with employees to find out their problems and share ideas with them, This will ideally lead to a lack of commitment from employees within the organisation” (Stimpson.P, 2010). The second problem faced in gaining employee commitment is the working environment. A safe and healthy working environment with all the necessary tools provided to accomplish the task will most likely ensure greater employee commitment whiles an unsafe and unhygienic working environment will lead to lack of commitment because employees will feel that they are disregarded by management and their basic safety needs are not being provided for in…show more content…
In this critical review, I will be commenting on three main ways by which management can secure employee commitment. The first way is to improve communication. As stated earlier, communication is one of the key factors that affect employee commitment within an organisation. If managers begin to pay more attention to employees, supervise them, take keen interest in the welfare of the employees and encourage them to air their ideas and give them feedback, there will be a sense of belongingness and willingness from employees to give out their best performance and there is a very high possibility this will lead to management securing commitment from the employees within the organisation. To further buttress the point using Elton mayo’s (1880-1949) human relation theories, he concluded in the Hawthorne effect that “when management communicates effectively with employees and take interest in their work, commitment is improved.” (Stimpson.P, 2010). The second way by which I think management can improve employee commitment within an organisation is for management to create a conducive working environment for employees. Some of the ways in which a conducive working environment can be created are firstly, by providing all essential tools needed to carry out the tasks handed out to them by managers and also training the employees whether on or off the job. For instance, I personally

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