Critical Thinking Analysis Of 'Some Lessons From The Assembly Line'

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After re-reading "Some Lessons From The Assembly Line" by Andrew Braaksma (2005), and the critical thinking analysis that I had previously submitted. Braaksma 's purpose in writing the article hasn 't changed. Braaksma came to an important realization about how fortunate he was, based on harsh life experiences. While reviewing this article and using some of the techniques identified in this course, the original goal previously identified stays the same. Braaksma 's purpose in writing this piece was to point out his realization to how fortunate he was based on his opportunities. While re-reading the article, several more key points stood out in his words to help determine this conclusion.
Braaksma did an excellent job in giving examples to articulate his point of view. Several statements in his essay stood out: "For me, and probably many of my fellow students, higher education always seemed like a foregone conclusion: I never questioned if I was going to college, just where. No other options ever occurred to me." (Braaksma 2005). This choice of words shows that Braaksma never understood the opportunities that he 'd been afforded. while working with others on the line he realized how fortunate he and his peers have been. Another sentence that helps highlight his conclusion is: "The things that factory work has taught me--how lucky I am to get an education, how to work hard, how easy it is to lose that work once you have it--are by no means earth-shattering. Everyone has to

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