Crucian Carp Mysticism

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The crucian carp is one of the fish that has been surrounded with an mysticism for me and the members of my club. Think about it - haven’t you been fishing at night, seen crucian carp feeding and tried to catch them without any success ? I have and desperate attempts to catch even one of them didn’t result in anything. This continued until the day we started to study them more carefully and decided to fish for them exclusively.
Pre-baiting the swim.

The first successes came from a small lake outside Stockholm called Bagarsjön. It was in this lake we first realized that the crucian carp was an extreme specialist. What we tried to do was to change it’s feeding habits. This resulted in a very intense feeding campaign that extended over three weeks. Every day at dusk someone in our club visited the swims to feed the fish. The results didn’t come immediately, early in the season the fishing was slow but after several weeks you actually could catch several crucian carps at one night. The next year we noticed that we didn’t have to use such a massive baiting campaign. The results came faster and after a week or so the fishing was at it’s peak. The improvement continued and we realised that we actually had changed it's feeding habits. As we started to fish for crucian carp …show more content…

In fact, none of my club members ever caught a crucian carp in a river. Today we usually go hunting for crucian carp in the archipelago of Stockholm or lakes that we know contain large specimens. We haven’t found any answers to the question of why the crucian carp is large in some lakes and small in others. The only piece of good advice I can give is to talk to local anglers. They normally know in which lake you can locate large crucian carps even if they don’t fish for them. If you’re just out to catch one of them try a shallow lake or creek that contains lots of

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