Cultural Competence In Health Case Study

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Cultural Competence for Health Professionals

Unit I: Why cultural competence? Read Abdikadir’s patient summary and reflect upon his story 1. What do you think are the issues that Abdikadir is dealing with? • Abdikadir refuses to receive the treatment that the dentist suggested. He does not seem to have any idea what those fillings are for. He might think that they are something that can be naturally recovered in time as well as the pain that he is experiencing.

2. What would you do and say if he were your patient? • If Abdikadir was my patient, I would have explained to him the cause of cavities he has in six of his teeth as well as possible consequences he might have to deal with if those teeth do not get treated in time. Another reason why I …show more content…

Perception of time
• People often walk in late to their appointment or do not show up without calling. Unit IV – Sensitivity 1. Read the patient summary. What could you have done or what could you do to build trust with Abdikadir?

• By showing him more respect and attention, Abdikadir might have brought up his religious practices on oral hygiene and why he was so disappointed to find out that he’s got six fillings to get done. I think it is also important to reiterate the patients that it is not necessarily because of the lack of their personal hygienes but could be due to their immunity and oral environment that can be different person by person. Unit V - Cultural Competence 1. Give an example of a situation where you can apply the ORE model
• You have a patient who wears a hijab. You perform an extraoral examination on the patient just like how you would do to other patients. However, the patient seems upset because the hijab got moved while you were performing the procedure.
• Observe: You observe that the patient is visibly upset after the extraoral examination. You recognize that you should have asked the patient if it is okay to perform the examination

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