Cultural Diversity Essay

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According to the literature there is no agreement about the effects of cultural diversity on team performance. What is certain is that the role of multicultural teams has increased a lor in the latest years and multinational companies started to pay great attention on these effects.
Generally cultural diversity can affect the team performance in three ways:
● People find easy to work and cooperate with whom shared similar values, attitudes and beliefes according to the cultural similarity theory;
● People tend to class themselves according to their social identity and use their group norms to judge others people behaviour according to social categorization theory;
● An effect of (cultural) diveristy in team can bring a wider variety of networks and prespectives improving the team performance according to the information-processing theory.

Pieterse,Knippenberg and Dieredonck define cultural diversity as a “double edge sword” (Milliken & Martins, 1996; Phillips, Northcraft, & Neale, 2006) and try to find out when could be a benefit or a detriment. From their reserach the effects depends on the fact that diversity may produce an informational resource.Infact, information elaboration does not came only by the team diversity but rely on the motivated ability of the team members to mobilize the team’s diverse informational resource. Furthermore,people usually create some stereotypes about the other culture that lead to a close mind approach and negeative consequences on the

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