Cultured Meat Essay

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Prospects for consumer acceptance of cultured meat

Karthik Prasad
Sravani Gilla

Introduction to Graduate Research
Professor Michael Silverman

University of Massachusetts Boston

Definition With a lot of issues attached to conventional meat production and its problems, research is being conducted to find alternative meat production technology. The alternate meat production technology is called “Cultured Meat”. Cultured meat is growing using cell culture in a laboratory without growing whole animals.
Cultured meat is referred to as lab grown meat. This method utilizes technology to produce meat from the cells of animals, without killing it (Edelman et al., 2005; Hopkins & Dacey, 2008; Wales on Sunday, 2005).
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An important thing to note is that the study participants were briefed about the positive sides of cultured meat in various aspects ranging from social, economic, environmental and health. The survey strongly shows that the study participants accepted cultured meat to be ethical in terms of animal welfare. Cultured meat had lesser environmental impacts. Study participants part of the health industry believed cultured meat could be healthier and cleaner than conventional meat. The study participants who are a part of the conventional meat retail industry felt and agreed that cultured meat production requires lesser land, uses less water and could potentially be inexpensive than conventional meat after the production infrastructure is …show more content…

Answers to insecurities and questions asked by some of the consumers could put a positive light on their acceptance of the meat. Another major factor that participants of the meat industry opined was the feasibility and sustainability of the production technology as cost of production is a key factor. Most participants in the study had a very positive view about cultured meat and were willing to try it. Cultured meat will likely become a success over the next 10-20 years, with relatively high acceptance rate. Perhaps the United Sates would be the first country to bring the meat to mass production and create the largest market for cultured

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