Essay On Emergent Curriculum

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Abstract As early childhood educators, we the teachers have differing philosophies and approaches to education of our own. There are many different types of early childhood programs. Each program is unique in its philosophies, methods, and program goals. Every one of us early childhood educators is unique in our own way, which makes each early childhood program experience different and special to everyone involved. We help to provide young students the foundation for their educational futures. In this paper, I will focus on comparing and contrasting two programs that stood out to me, the Emergent Curriculum and the Creative Curriculum. When you examine early childhood programs, you will find that there are many similarities and differences across the board, making each experience something a bit different and exciting in its own way. Curriculums Emergent Curriculum Emergent curriculum emerges out of the interests and experiences children have in their daily lives. Emergent curriculum is a great way you can plan a …show more content…

When you compare the differences between these two curriculums, they don’t have many as they are so similar. A difference between them is that a teacher is more in charge of the curriculum in the emergent curriculum than they are the creative one. Another difference is that the emergent curriculum tends to be based of the interests of the children at a certain time, and while the children are more likely to be engaged when they interests are being met, the creative curriculum focuses on letting children create their own lesson, allowing them to explore their interests freely, and in ways they can choose to have fun with. They are very similar in the fact that both curriculums allow the teacher and children to be actively involved in the children’s learning process, and have a chance to create a fun and exciting lesson plan that the children can build their knowledge and passion for education

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