Undeniable Change

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You feel as surrounded by problems. Maybe you just have a big problem, but you do not know how to fix it, do not worry. Whether you are struggling with your significant other you lose your job or danger, there are several steps you can take to get control of your question.
Recognizing that the changes do occur
When we were kids, as the saying goes, we believe, to take action, and spoke like a child. When we become adults, however, we put childish ways behind us. Our own personal lives change as we grow up. Why our profession and work different? Undeniable change or will be appear, and continue to live in the past, will only make things more difficult.
When I teach the importance of customer service, I want to emphasize to set up and manage
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Recognizing the situation change is desirable. It's even better, however, when awareness of change may be in your own specific situation to occur. Please be alert to subtle clues. For example, you are excluded from important meetings? Does your boss seems more distant? Are rumors doing?
Recognition phase
Since the reaction of organizational change are similar to those beloved people died, many studies on the change list psychologist Elisabeth Kubler - Ross, who later identified several specific stages. Early stages include shock and denial, guilt and anger. Later, it was accepted and moved on stage.
For organizational change, an additional "negotiation" phase can occur, where the affected person to provide more efforts to prevent or pre-empt the changes in a way.
All stages do not necessarily occur. Progress may not be a smooth one linear, and different amounts of time and may involve different stages. In any case, the sooner you get to the acceptance and moving stage, the better will be
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In any case, to resist, the temptation if you can just sit there. It's easy to have that attitude, because you do not know, if your job is how it tomorrow or next week what it means. However, you are paid to work, so try to do so. Moreover, this attitude will impress prospective employers.
Positive behavior and attitudes
I do not want to sound like Pollyanna, but keeping a positive attitude can help you cope with the uncertainty of change. Rather than worrying about change, you have to make, for example, and focus instead on how to use existing skills and experience as a former basketball coach football example. Find new organizational opportunities, and become involved in, will accelerate your adjustments.
Maintenance Network
Your network of contacts, both inside and outside your company, it can be a valuable function. They can share their own experience changes with you and tell you jobs. More importantly, they can be a megaphone to share their emotions to your thoughts and your change-related.
By maintaining, former colleagues, superiors and subordinates in contact with the school and university students, and build their own networks in the conference and general meeting
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