D Vonya's Case Study

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With her drive and tenacity, D’Vonya funneled her desire for educational success down to the students and their families during her junior internship at S.A.N.D. Elementary School, Hartford, CT. She worked directly with the K-4 children and their families who were failing to come to school regularly or not progressing academically. D’Vonya stated, “Morally it bothered me to know many of these students couldn’t read, or write and were simply being ‘passed with exception’ to the next grade”. While there she understood the parents perspectives regarding not feeling supported, or their efforts going unnoticed. Many of the comments made regarding the children and their parents who were fighting to overcome life’s obstacles was disheartening for her to hear. D’Vonya developed a lunch time group for students who had 30 or more absences. In these groups, she provided a safe environment for many of these students who were educationally neglected to …show more content…

Much of her work consist of conducting home visits and doing case management. She is managing her own caseload. She also will appear in court on behalf of her clients. During the home visits, she meets with the clients and their children to discuss various issues, interventions, and goals. She conducts client transports and supervised visits for other social workers. She is responsible for providing progress notes and case plans. D’Vonya has a desire to learn, open to feedback and is engaged in course discussions. She makes caring presentations and has a belief in empowerment to enhance her effectiveness as a supportive resource and advocate. D’Vonya openly discusses her challenges and explored her own bias assumptions and ethical issues that she experienced during field. She cares deeply about the success of her clients and has been able to be successful in placements because of her

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