Dakota Pipeline Research Paper

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As you must know, the Dakota Pipeline has been a residing issue for a while now. I believe that we should continue the production of this pipeline. Building this pipeline will benefit our country in multiple ways. For example, by building the Dakota Pipeline, 8,000 to 12,000 jobs will be created. The new jobs will help many people in the country come out of poverty, which interests not only our country, but the economy also. While building the pipeline, the demand for metals, pipes, valves, pumps and anything else needed, will increase. Cities can also make hotels, restaurants, and other facilities to help the pipeline workers, therefore creating more jobs.This will help local cities economy. Along with creating new jobs, the Dakota Pipeline transports crude oil. We should continue construction of the Dakota Pipeline is to increase production of crude oil. Our country uses more crude oil than any other country. We need to bring our production of crude oil higher than our consuming rate. If we continue to use more crude oil than make it, our country will depend more and more on foreign oil when we should be relying on ourselves. Pipelines are also proven to be the safest method of transferring crude oil, …show more content…

The pipeline crosses through the water and sacred ground for native tribes such as the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. People argue that if the pipeline goes through water, it could contaminate the water. A solution to this problem could be changing the route or destination of the pipeline so that it will not cross through water or sacred grounds. This will stop protests. It will cost extra money and time, but I believe that with the long term effects that the Dakota Pipeline will provide, it will be worth it. Moreover, the Dakota Pipeline has many positive effects. By changing the destination and route of the pipeline, we will be making the pipeline safe for everyone thus enabling us to thrive even

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