Dallas Homeless Relief Mission Statement

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The Dallas-area is home to a great majority of the Texas population. Citizens in the Dallas region are a unique and very powerful part of our Texas community and it is vital that we, as Texans, must protect our valuable ecosystem. As members of the JCPenney community outreach program, we strive to incorporate new ideas to help our metroplex thrive and grow. It is important to JCPenney to promote social responsibility and sustain community engagement among the Dallas area. We have designed an innovative way to aid the homeless within our greater Dallas area. We will strive to clothe and feed the homeless as well as get as many in-need individuals jobs to help build up our community as a whole. Our name will be recognized as the Dallas Homeless Relief. Our mission statement is, “To support and strengthen the community by providing supportive services to the homeless population”.

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This is the reason why we chose to help out the homeless since the mass population tends overlook these individuals. It’s essential to preserve communities, suffice one’s own needs and others’. There are approximately 3,789 homeless people in the Dallas/Collin county. This number is slightly lower than what it was in 2016. Within the Dallas/Collin county, over 80% live directly in Dallas while the rest of the homeless are evenly scattered throughout the DFW area. Unsheltered homeless individuals rummage through the streets, under overpasses/bridges and parks while the rest move on from neighborhood to neighborhood. Of the 3,789 homeless people counted through census, 1087 were unsheltered. Of the 1087 who were unsheltered, 267 served time in jail or prison with the large majority having records of felonies over seven years. Of all individuals who were unsheltered, 54 were

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