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In Dan Buetner’s Ted Talk “How to Live to be 100+” he discusses areas in the world that are considered “Blue Zones”. These areas are places where people are more likely to live to be over one hundred years old, which is a lot longer than the expected life of an American. Dan and a group of people studied the lives of these people from these different areas and broke down what was unique about their lives that could possibly allow them to live so much longer than the average person. The three things he found in common was movement, philosophy, and diet. He argues that if one moved naturally for exercise, have the right outlook on life, and eat wisely, many could live to be a lot older than expected. Though this sounds like a great and healthy…show more content…
America is known for its free market economy and consequently, it’s very competitive job market. To compete for these jobs, most children in America are raised to be sure to get the extra hand over their competition.
Usually this means spending more time and drive on building your career than yourself or your family. This mixed with the busy schedule of the average American adult, with long hours
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You don’t get to spend much time doing what really makes you happy and that can make people have a pretty bad outlook on life over time. This can take a toll on people and have a real effect on how healthily your body functions, which will obviously effect your life span.
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Now many say that people are choose to be lazy. That our health, living conditions, and productivity are the results of our life choices. What these people may not understand is that our society is somewhat forcing us to live this way. In the area in which we reside, there aren’t many high paying jobs. This forces us to commute to areas such as D.C and Richmond. Commuting these long distances can take a lot of time out of our schedules which can be put towards exercise and spending time with family. To keep these jobs that whole families rely on, adults have to dedicate most of their lives to working. In America, we have the idea that we must contribute to others to be able to have a purpose. We are taught that if we don’t produce a product that can be consumed, we aren’t valuable. This causes us to sacrifice ourselves to our jobs and
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