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To develop a data warehouse, business requirement is one of the main factors. Business users like executive managers, business analysts require information for business decision and analysis purpose. To analyse or measure a particular fact, business dimensions are required. Suppose to analyse sales of a company, time, product, location, customer demographics are required. Time, product, location, customer demographics are called business dimensions. Each business dimension further can be divided into hierarchy level. Through business dimensions, some facts of a particular subject are measured. There are some methods also for gathering business requirements such as interview, joint application development, questionnaires.
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Business requirements of data warehouse helps in the further development of data warehouse. While gathering or defining business requirements for data warehouse, the main focus should be on information rather than technology. But, what type of business requirements or information are required in data warehouse for data analysing purpose. Suppose a business analyst user of a company wants to analyse sales of that company. So, what type of information is required for in-depth sales analysis purpose? Business analyst user requires sales information by time (year, quarter, month, week, date), by …show more content…

Client or end-user satisfaction is high in this technique because end-user is involved throughout the development process. JAD session is conducted with 20 or fewer persons at a time and after getting the basic understanding of requirements. It is not used for initial data gathering. When there is a need to confirm requirements, then this technique is used. The team should be well organised to conduct JAD session. The number of JAD session is less than the interview session. The overall time required for gathering requirements is less for JAD session.

Questionnaires: This technique follows a set of questions with all possible answers. It is just like a survey. It is less interactive. It is a way to gather huge amount of requirements very quickly. This technique is useful for initial requirement gathering purpose. The end users who are very busy with their work-schedule, this technique is good for them rather than interview and JAD session. As it is not interactive, so much care should be given while making questions.

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