Dear White People Film Analysis

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The film “Dear White People” written and produced by Justin Simien is based on a campus culture war at an ivy league University. The University mainly consisting of white students causes mayhem when a Halloween party occurs and actions take things too far. Justin focused on four black students, their encounters and interactions with their peers. One character in particular brings me to my topic of race. Samantha White, a biracial student who is set on fixing things on campus between white and black students. Instead, she causes a situation between the administration and students criticizing white people and racial transgressions at the school. Dear White People is not only the name of the film but also of Sam's radio talk show. On the talk …show more content…

Little Rock Nine began in 1957, when a group of nine African American students wanted to enroll in an all white High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. This may have caused a crisis but they felt they had the right to get an education they deserved and segregation shouldn't stop them. As Racial Segregation still occurred at the time, African American students were not offered the same opportunities as white people. They didn’t have the same education system nor proper education environment fit to properly teach. Classrooms were small in size compared to the white schools, textbooks were used and the cafeteria’s barely had any room to fit everyone. The group of students of Little Rock Nine were surrounded by mobs of angry white people and were harassed and terrorized for coming to the school. Melba Patillo was one of the Little Rock Nine members and she suffered the most physical abuse. She was stabbed, had lit dynamites thrown at her, called ugly, threatened with death and such. There was one incident in particular where a student threw acid in her face in hopes of blinding her. It was so extreme that one of the guards that Eisenhower had appointed for each of the students for protection to wash her face with water quickly because if not, she would have been blinded for life. Things did not stay this way for

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