Definition Essay About Being Courageous

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Everyone experiences feelings such as tension, stress, insecurity , worry, sadness, fear, instability, anger and many other emotions that are identified very often that vulnerability. Word vulnerability means, according to a simple dictionary definition, "something that can be easily injured, attacked easily, part of us that is defective or deficient. Very often we say or hear statements like: "We must not be weak, be brave." The root word courage comes from the Latin core, meaning heart. Originally, the word courage therefore has a different understanding than the current one. Being brave means to say what 's in your heart open, to open up in front of the other, with all the qualities, and your faults or deficiencies. Over time the definition of the word courage has changed today is almost similar to what we mean by heroic. Being brave does not mean you deny or suppress vulnerability, but to assume their vulnerability. In Our society, we all run away from suffering. Science has developed so much that if you have pain in your body, there is definitely a pill …show more content…

If you have difficulty in experiencing emotions positive, if you feel numb / him if you went through a difficult time and want to protect yourself at all costs, even at the risk of no longer feeling any positive emotions, joy practice, practice laughter, practice game, practice dancing or any other activity that makes you live. Measuring Instruments vulnerability is courage. Stated "I am vulnerable." Means to have courage. To assume the emotional swings, anger you feel sometimes, sadness or dark thoughts, fear you feel in life, everyday worries, is to be a brave human being. There is no more appropriate quote to describe the way I think it would be great to run our lives, and the words of Mark Twain: "Dance as if no one could see you. Sing like you would not listen to anyone. Love like you could never be hurt and live like you are in paradise.

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