Definition Essay On Equality

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What is equality? It is believed that no matter what race, sex, and religion everyone is equal. It is believed to be that way because there is no equality and never has been. It is the year 2015 and no one treats each other equal. There is fights, robberies, and murders because of race. People believe that they are being rejected or chosen last because of racism. Racism has become a massive problem since the 14th Amendment was ratified. If we all followed the 14th Amendment we would not have as many problems as we do now, but everyone chooses to believe they are all victims of the world. We should stand behind the phrase most parents tell their children, treat others how you want to be treated.

In the last month we have had cops killed because of one situation where someone believed a criminal was killed because of his color. The 14th Amendment states …show more content…

Women are objectified and men are viewed as laborers. This issue has played an important role in today's society as well as the others I mentioned above. Women are seen to stay at home, clean, and care for family. Men are seen to provide for his family and pay for all the bills. This is not equality either, men and women should be able to go on with their lives as they want. Neither should be judged for going against the stereotypes or society's wishes. Women should be able to work and pay for their bills and be single if they wish. Men can be stay at home parents or tend to their family or spouse if they wish. Equality is where everyone has their own free will and are able to go on with their lives without someone intruding and making them feel bad or bullying them for what they do. In some cases things can get physical or violent. I have physically seen where someone's house was damaged because that person did not like how those people were living their lives. Everyone should be able to live in peace and not worry about being hurt for someone else's

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