Deontological Ethics In Hurricane Katrina

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1. Hurricane Katrina caused the most devastating destruction to the South East Coast of the United States, especially the city of New Orleans. The 2005 hurricane caused approximately 1,836 casualties, and the speed was about 175 miles per hour (Bush 5). Hurricane Katrina was ranked a fifth-category storm. About 80 percent of New Orleans was literally wiped out. The overall damage after hurricane Katrina was worth $200 billion. The disaster made more than 1 million people leave their homes and move elsewhere. Louisiana was definitely knocked down and it became certainly less attractive for the investors and ordinary residents. The levee network around New Orleans completely failed to stop the flooding of the city. Hence, hurricane Katrina revealed…show more content…
While applying the principles of deontological ethics in general and reason based ethics in particular, all actions contain moral value, regardless of the actual nature of the actions. The New Orleans levee network was still a manifestation of good intention, according to deontological ethics. Even if the levees failed to protect the city from flood, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers need to work harder in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Nevertheless, engineers are obliged to update the levee network, taking into account the duty based ethics that implies the duty to act out of moral laws. The duty based ethics, unlike reason based ethics, correlate the hierarchy of moral principles and laws on the one hand and array of actions on the other hand. The duty based ethics impose additional context on action and motivation to act, unlike reason based…show more content…
Rational motivation should be encouraged, and people regardless of their profession must think of how making their city a better place to live. Volunteers should help engineers to improve the levee network, i.e. within the framework of voluntary IT support, software development, or donating on the reconstruction of the available levee network along with the investment in the brand new model of the levee

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