Describe The Family In The Four Book Of Confucianism

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Dwayne Mattushik

Confucius Family background is very poor and his dad died when he was only a baby and had a widow mother take care of him
Teaching and preaching Lu as a public official was the profession that Confucius apparent failure.
Using evidence from the analects three adjectives that describe Confucius character his family was very poor
The three schools of ancient China’s problems and solutions different from those of Confucius is legalism which is the rule of law enforced by punishment. Taoism which is emphasis on the single rather than the society of people, being in harmony with nature. Finally is Mohism is the universal love even of individuals enemy
Confucius believe about the power of tradition is that tradition is innovation that the rulers …show more content…

He defined the nature of Confucianism
The four books of Confucianism is Analects, Doctrine of the Mean, Great Learning and Book of Mencius
Confucius can discover through learning is what is to be a human being.
The term Tao means the Way
Chun-tzu is a mature person and a ideal person which has moral character that is perfect
Confucianism’s supreme virtue is Jen which is treating others as you would want to be treated.
Notion of Shu is reciprocity which says not to do to others that you wouldn't want done to yourself
Li is propriety is the proper attitude in any given situation that involves the social environment, done by doing a sacred ritual. Rectification of names means that someone should act according to someone title Some of the Confucian cultural arts are charioteering, archery, calligraphy, and poetry.
Te is the Virtue that is shown through the power of example. Attributes of the mature human being.
THe Doctrine of the five Constant Relationships is love between son and dad, old above young, husband and wife, faithfulness with friends and ruler and subject
Confucianism regards the self as the heart of the

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