Describe The Importance And Importance Of Health And Safety

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Health and Safety: Health and Safety refers to the regulations and procedures implemented to prevent accidents and illnesses in the working environment. It also examines the managerial responsibilities and guidelines that have been established to deal with the health and safety procedures. Updating and maintains of the health and safety policy of the organization is mandatory. The organization has the responsibility to provide adequate training for employees on the proper use of equipment and the use of PPE in relations to their duties as well as information. Employers also give the employees the opportunity to be involved in emergencies procedures, in the safe use of equipment, as well as the location of safety equipment and evacuation route. The welfare of the employees are first and foremost which includes proper sanitation facilities, rest room, eating arrangements, medical facilities and the accommodation of changing room for their benefits. There are also legal ramifications relating to health and safety where fines, penalties and even imprisonment are imposed on the offender either criminally or civilly laid down by the government. Criminal cases are brought to the magistrate courts for hearing on offender who are in breach of the health and safety act policies, whilst the civil case are heard in the high court before a judge. OSH Act of Trinidad and Tobago: The OSH act was introduced in Trinidad and Tobago in 2004, and it was amended and proclaimed law in 2006.

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