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There are many amazing places in the United States. Arizona is one of those states that runs in the must visit category. There are tons of things to explore in Arizona. This state isn’t just a state, it’s full of beautiful and unique places. My paper will show all the readers the great things about Arizona and why it would make a good vacation place. Arizona is a great state that all the tourists like to visit. There is endless things to do to keep busy and have a good time with family or friends. Arizona has many things to know about it, elevated climate, and eye catching scenery. The climate can get pretty intense in this state. It gets very hot and humid, making you just want to wear summer clothes all the time to stay cool. You would need to keep hydrated since it is so dry there. Temperatures…show more content…
You might get overwhelmed with all the cacti you see in just one area. There are tons of canyons and valleys you can go and check out and explore. The Grand Canyon is the major canyon the state has that is popular. Thousands of people come to visit the canyon. Just wait until you see all the plain and beautiful scenery that is so calming to just look out at. Arizona is a really unique state with all of the cool features and the touches of nature that is spread out all over the place. The animals and plants here help each other and their habitats to make Arizona what it is today. These features make the state more tourist approved. Some of the valleys have little river type water sources flowing through them. The long roads with, cacti fields and hills all over, seem to lead to nowhere. The roads feel very long with just looking at the same things over and over again. There are some pretty neat things you can see while driving on the long roads. Look at all the mountains and hills that are covered with sometimes nothing but cacti. There are tons of rock structures that make up the landscape since it is so dry

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