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Changchun is the political, economic, military, cultural, scientific, educational and transportation center of Jilin province. Changchun is a movie city, an automobile city and a cultural city. It has a beautiful environment, rich products and many scenic spots and historical sites. But my favorite is the South Lake Park in southern Changchun. It has a fine view and is a good place for people to rest and visit.
Changchun city is located in the hinterland of Northeast China Plain. The urban area is between 250--350 meters high and the terrain is flat and wide. It belongs to the continental monsoon climate zone of north temperate zone, and is located in the transition zone from humid region to sub arid zone in the dry wet climate zone of china. The temperature increases from east to west, and precipitation decreases from east to west. Dry and windy spring, rainy summer, autumn bright, long cold winter, with four seasons, with hot rainy season, moderate dry wet climate characteristics. Changchun four seasons clear, only in
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The summer Changchun riotous with colour blossom birds sing. The weather in Changchun in summer is fairly hot, but it can be solved by using a fan, which is more friendly to the environment and energy saving. The fall of the Changchun, is full of golden yellow, yellow leaves, golden corn, red maple leaf is to decorate and beautify the Changchun, blue sky, white clouds, seemed to welcome you to visit Changchun. The most distinctive feature of winter in Changchun, it gives the most conservation pine made a silver white coat, the weather is about 20 degrees below zero, both sides of the road are ice crystal lights, at night, colorful, especially beautiful. In the city there are many swimming enthusiasts, Jingyuetan ski in a more lively, gathered a lot of foreign ski enthusiasts. Winter outdoors in Changchun, indoors during the spring, because the room has central

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