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When in Mactan, Eat After a long tiring week, you better recharge your draining energy because it’s the best time for you and your family and friends to make a quick escape to Mactan and head straight to the Mactan Newtown to treat your wanderlust appetites over good Cebuano food and unique dining experience. Located near the entrance of the Mactan Newtown is a Singaporean-inspired hawker center called the Mactan Alfresco. It is not your ordinary restaurant because it’s a giant gazebo, an open-air food strip that lets you experience authentic Cebuano cooking and cuisine by the beach. How cool is that? We present to you your true-blue Cebuano guide to an epic food trip in Mactan Alfresco. Seafood There’s no better way to start the food trip with seafood on the plate. Mactan Alfresco has the freshest seafood in town. Choobi Choobi is one of the establishments present at the Mactan Alfresco that specializes in seafood. Their specialty includes Chilean Mussels in a Bag and Shrimps in a Bag that come with boiled corn on the cob available in exciting flavours like Butter Garlic, Cajun, Sauteed in Garlic and Spicy Gata. You’ll surely crave for more because Choobi Choobi also offers lobsters, mussels, clam, squid, tuna, and many more. They take pride in growing their own shrimps at their farms all around Cebu. Grilled Seafood and Barbecue If you’re into grills, just a few steps from Choobi Choobi is Mama Linda and Manang Sayong. Both establishments specializes in

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